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Provider: UserVoice
Released Nov 08, 2012
UserVoice for iOS
  • Feedback forum
  • Contact form with custom fields
  • Instant Answers
  • Knowledge Base
  • Non-English language support


UserVoice is the only provider of customer support and feedback tools that can be quickly added directly into iOS apps with only a few lines of code.

Features and Benefits

  • Stop the mail links madness. Using our contact form instead of mail links helps reduce spam and those annoying blank mail messages.
  • Help users instantly and reduce requests. Enable users to answer up to 40% of their own questions immediately with Instant AnswersTM, which pulls matching articles from your knowledge base and ideas from your feedback forums and sticks them in the contact form as users type.
  • Know thy user. Custom fields let you gather user data (via the contact form) so you can route tickets to the right people, respond faster, and reduce the back and forth between agents and users.
  • Increase user engagement. Let users see, comment on, and vote for the ideas they care about most rather than sending feedback into an email black hole (and filling up your inbox with feature requests).
  • Keep users in your app. Users can leave feedback and submit support requests without ever leaving your app.

What is a Module?
Modules can save you even more development time by making it easy to install best-of-breed services and features into your app.