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Provider: Urban Airship
Released Nov 04, 2012
Push Notifications

$25 per 1000 registered push users per month

Urban Airship

Push Notifications

  • Create app engagement. Push notifications allow you to send messages directly to the people who have installed your app, even when the app is closed on a device. Create engagement by delivering relevant information including sports scores, breaking news, stock movements, or game challenges. Send messages to your full audience, segment your audience into specific groups, or send custom messages to individuals.

*How It Works: Urban Airship Push is one of the best ways to keep your app active by delivering valuable content directly to your customers. Urban Airship can help you build effective push messaging for any mobile device running the Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 platforms, and makes it easy to implement by providing a single API for them all. Leave the coding and infrastructure of push messaging, scheduling, and reporting to us; spend your time making great mobile apps. Mobile push messaging is also far more cost effective than SMS messaging for businesses and is free for your customers.

One API, Three Platforms Urban Airship makes sending messages to multiple platforms easy. With one drop-in library, youâ??re ready to send to iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

Rich Push

  • Engage your mobile audience with rich content.

Go beyond text alerts and create engaging experiences for your users. Use our HTML styles and Rich Push Composer to easily create and send music, video, coupons, surveys, and more directly to your app.

Rich Push Composer

Weâ??ve made it easier to create and deliver Rich Push content to your mobile application users. The Rich Push Composer offers pre-built examples, a WYSIWYG content editor, on-device previews, as well as push notification and recipient management.


Improve mobile marketing effectiveness with the new standard in high performance location-based mobile messaging. Using our location-messaging add on, you can now deliver personalized, targeted messages to your app users based on everything you know about them:

  • Preferences: tags based on user-stated characteristics
  • In-App Behavior: tags youâ??ve defined based on explicit and implicit actions users have taken
  • Location: where they are now and where theyâ??ve been Combining preferences, in-app behaviors, location and time lets you segment your mobile audience with the highest level of precision. Build rich user profiles that constantly refresh with usersâ?? location updates and changes in behavior, helping you increase app engagement, convert more buyers and build customer loyalty.

How It Works: Through a simple user interface, select from 2.5 million predefined geofences and create business rules merging location and location history with in-app behaviors and preferences. Then, simply name and save the target audience Segment. You can send messages to a Segment as soon as you save it, or schedule messages to be sent later. After you save a Segment, its data is continually updated based on user behavior and location, so you can keep sending highly personalized messages that are perfectly in tune with your audience. Using location-aware functionality, your app captures and stores location information over time versus at a single point in time. Build rich location profiles that can add the context of where users are, but also where they have been over a specified period of time to increase relevancy and reflect lifestyle.

Add Segments to your Push Notifications and youâ??ll be able to: TARGET: Create target audience segments by combining in-app behaviors and preferences with location history to increase message relevancy ENGAGE: Increase time in app and mobile user sessions by sending timely, relevant messages based on more precise targeting CONVERT: Drive more sales and conversions based on customer preferences and detailed location history BUILD LOYALTY: Provide value-added information and offers to your best customers while they are on the go with always up-to-date location profiles *STREAMLINE: Easy for marketers to use, easy for developers to integrate and automate

Push Composer Put the power of Push in the hands of your business.
Push Composer makes sending Push Notifications simple for anyone in your organization. By putting the power of engagement into the hands of your business team, you can empower them to reach your customers quickly without adding strain on your engineering team. And because you can preview your message as you write it, youâ??ll know exactly how your users will see and engage with your message.

Reporting Understand App User Behavior Urban Airshipâ??s reports give you a unique understanding of your usersâ?? response to your push notifications so you can elevate your mobile campaigns from good to great.

Push Response Report Urban Airshipâ??s Push Response Report allows you to measure the immediate effectiveness of push messaging, as well as understand the lasting influence of push over time.

Unique Opt-In Report The Unique Opt-in Report displays unique usersâ?? opt-in status by platform for each app open so you can gauge opt-in user engagement over time.

The Unique Opt-in Report tells you:
The correlation between app opens and your opted-in push audience The number of unique users per platform that are receiving your notifications The unique user counts tracked by grand total, average number, plus highest and lowest across a flexible time range The effect your pushes have on user opt-in rates and opted-in users engagement over time

Core Reports
Urban Airship Core Reports include Pushes, App Opens, and Time in App, and provide you with fundamental quantitative data and analytics on push notifications. All of Urban Airship reports are provided in an easy-to-use, easy-to-read format. You can view the data in variety of time, platform, and response scenarios, print reports or export the data in common image formats, and assign report access to specific individuals. Integration is easyâ??if youâ??re using Urban Airshipâ??s bundled libraries, youâ??re already collecting the information you need for reports.

What is a Module?
Modules can save you even more development time by making it easy to install best-of-breed services and features into your app.